Web Design

An agency approach with the personalization of a boutique studio.

We understand the pivotal role an effective website plays in capturing user attention, conveying brand identity, and driving online success. A new website can provide the perfect opportunity to…

Improve User Experience (UX)

We craft websites that effortlessly guide users, are visually captivating, foster engagement, and deliver sought-after information directly and effectively.

Increase Conversions

To boost conversions, we tailor website designs precisely for your audience, featuring a compelling call-to-action and an effortlessly intuitive user interface.

Enhance the Brand Image

Through our website redesign process, we rejuvenate and elevate your brand image, ensuring that your site resonates perfectly with your company's values, message, and aesthetic essence.

Reduce Clicks

At Expedition, we create mobile-friendly sites that require fewer clicks to complete an action. This ensures that the site is easier to use on smaller screens and in turn will improve user engagement and conversions.

Support SEO Efforts

We empower your site with robust SEO capabilities through strategic optimizations: refining site structure, fine-tuning content with keywords, and enhancing overall performance.

Enhance Performance and Ease of Use

Our sites are built to perform. Elevating performance leads to better user experiences, lower bounce rates, and increased engagement and conversions. Additionally, it boosts search engine rankings.

Our Web Design Process

A journey intended to redefine your online presence.

Explore our meticulously crafted design process fine-tuned to drive real results.

Research & Evaluation

Quality made possible through understanding.

Every successful design process begins with a deep understanding. Together, we’ll discuss your brand, your business, strategy, goals, objectives, and site expectations through a series of workshops in order to develop a clear project understanding and a solid starting point.

Through creative prompts and structured conversation, the Project Goals Workshop is intended to help us gain a better understanding of some core project goals in order to clarify what success looks like for the project.

The Project Reality Workshop helps us test the accuracy of our initial project understanding and ask deeper questions regarding the how and why. This can provide us with background on core issues and allow us to brainstorm how we might address them.

The Project Options Workshop allows time for us to explore ideas and potential options before we develop final recommendations regarding the sitemap, content blocks, and overall direction for the design and development process.

Lastly, the Brand Development Workshop rounds out our initial research and evaluation by allowing us to take a deeper dive in to the brand positioning, messaging, and aesthetic that will influence our strategy and design.

Information Architecture

A strategic approach to ensure usability and performance.

Building a user-friendly and intuitive website requires meticulous planning of its structure and navigation. Through review of the existing site and a proposed sitemap, we make recommendations for changes geared towards increasing conversions.

We’ll review your existing sitemap to understand current user journeys that will provide guidance as we move towards structure optimizations and recommendations.

With future goals in mind, we’ll propose changes to both the site architecture [overall page structure] and information architecture [on-page content] to create a framework best suited to your ongoing goals and objectives.

Creative Direction

Setting sail to create direction and assets that reflect you.

With a solid understanding of your brand identity and target audience, we develop a unique design direction for your website to resonate with your brand and capture the essence of your identity.

We gain valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the current site, understand current user behavior, and make informed decisions to improve the new website through a review of the existing site.

Evaluating your competition helps us enhance your website’s user experience, while also identifying gaps to differentiate your brand and create a compelling online presence.

To finish out the Creative Direction phase, we’ll present tailored Design Recommendations and Themes developed by our team based on our conversations and research that we feel will have a substantial impact on your website, and ultimately your brand.  These recommendations and themes ensure we’re aligned before moving into design and development.


Visually establish the structural blueprint.

Wireframing is a critical step in turning ideas into a tangible design. We create wireframes that outline the layout and placement of elements to ensure the logical flow of information and functionality before moving on to the visual design stage.

With a focus on structure over aesthetics, wireframes ensure a user-friendly and effective design by allowing us to quickly organize content, plan for the user experience, and facilitate collaboration between designers, developers, and stakeholders prior to design and development.

As you provide feedback, we’ll revise the wireframes to refine the layout, content placement, and overall user experience.

As wireframes are approved, we can begin to mock them up.  Wireframes, mockups, and development can be fluid and we can continue to revise at any level of complexity as we progress.


Ensure alignment before the final stretch.

We’ll establish mockups that give you a realistic preview of how the final website will look. This stage allows you to provide feedback and make adjustments to the design before moving on to the development phase.

As wireframes are approved, we’ll move on to the mockup stage, where the visual design elements start coming together. We’ll add content, colors, fonts, photos, textures, and other design elements to establish the visual direction prior to development.

As you provide feedback, we’ll revise the mockups to refine the design and elements.  This is also the time we’ll collaborate on any custom elements our team has developed.

As mockups are approved, we can begin to develop those pages.  Wireframes, mockups, and development can be fluid and we can continue to revise at any level of complexity as we progress.


Your brand transformed into digital reality.

Utilizing industry-leading technologies and best practices to ensure your website is responsive, fast-loading, and compatible with various devices and browsers, we begin to build the final product.

We start the web development process by building the bones of the site and establish that the behind-the-scenes functionality is operating as expected.

Once we’ve made sure everything is functioning properly, we’ll translate the design concepts into functional and responsive interfaces. At that point, you’ll have access to review the progress.

Before launching your website, we test its functionality across different devices and browsers. We address any bugs, glitches, or performance issues to guarantee a smooth user experience from the moment your site goes live.


Disembark with confidence.

When your website is ready to launch, we ensure a seamless transition to the live environment. Our support doesn’t have to stop there – we can provide ongoing maintenance, updates, and support to keep your website running optimally and adapting to evolving trends.

We’ll coordinate a time that works best for you and assist in launching your new site.  We’ll continue to monitor site performance and remain available to correct any issues that may arise.

Following a successful site launch, our team is able to provide ongoing support through a number of subscription-based options.  Whether you’re looking for some basic ongoing website maintenance or consistent design changes and content implementation, our CaaS subscriptions could be the perfect solution.

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