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With Promevo, we launched a new site, blog, and knowledge base, consolidating content into the same CMS. Additionally, we brought their fresh rebrand to life, complete with custom graphics, imagery, icons, and more for the digital space.

The challenge

Promevo approached us at the tail-end of a rebrand in 2023.  That rebrand looked to provide direction for the growing company as they were launching a propriety Google Workspace management solution and expanding other core services.  While their visual identity was refreshed, their digital resources were not. They had quality content spread across a number of platforms and channels which made their marketing efforts a little clunky.

Our proposal

We worked with Promevo to further expand their rebrand efforts into the digital space with digital specific assets, icons, imagery, ad creative, and more.  On top of brand development efforts, we help them streamline their content and organize it for users to better engage.  This meant consolidating all of their content into one CMS.  Their site, blog, and resource knowledge base were all built in Hubspot to ensure easier implementation, maintenance, and analysis.

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