About Expedition

There’s no shortage of “quantity over quality” studios out there.

What’s fun about being mediocre? While some may prioritize cutting corners for a quick buck, we remain dedicated to quality.

Our CultUre

Creators fueled by a commitment to the worthwhile.

Established by creatives with a persistent drive and uncommonly high standards, mediocrity just wasn’t an option. We’ve built a team of hard working, highly skilled, and incredibly passionate creatives with an affinity for great design, determined innovation, and undeniable quality.  To put it simply, we care about the journey.  Here at Expedition, we’re driven by a few ideas.

Regardless of the project, our team will approach it with the same, unwavering pursuit of quality. It’s just more fun that way.

We’re building a team of ambitious thinkers and top performing creatives with a passion for their craft. Like our industry, we’re constantly evolving.

We know you’re busy. We have no interest in wasting your time and money beating around the bush. It just makes thing harder and less enjoyable for everyone.

Being willing and able to adapt to different needs is what keeps things interesting and has garnered positive results and client feedback. Why stop now?

Meet our Team

Bradley Givens

Co-Founder & Creative Director

With a creative and strategic edge, Brad navigates the uncharted territories of digital and graphic design, embracing new challenges with curiosity, agility, and flexibility. When not trying to decode the ideal user experience, this digital archaeologist indulges in ancient arts of coffee-making, mustache grooming, and drumming.

Brian Spitzig

Co-Founder & Visual Director

This arctic explorer thrives on digital frontiers, mastering both web design and development with a focus on user experience. A critical thinker, he sculpts projects with precision and bring ideas to life, channeling the spirit of Arctic determination. Beyond the screen, Brian is a backpacking enthusiast, a force on the hockey rink, and a gravity-defying skier.

Riley Best

Digital Designer

Meet our spirited matey from Northern Kentucky. With a cutlass-sharp attention to detail, Riley navigates the seas of branding and digital design striking fear into design foes. Off duty, catch her dancing, playing pickleball, or hunting for treasure at the thrift.

Leah Dupré

Digital Designer

Our Cincinnati-born Hawaiian jungle explorer, Leah, is a color alchemist and digital design maestro. With a positive and collaborative spirit, she turns concepts into vibrant realities. Beyond pixels and Pantones, find her climbing fruit trees, doodling, and crocheting.

Embark on your Expedition

Ready to explore the possibilities? Let's talk.

Every great idea starts with a conversation — and we want to have it. Whether you’re looking to build a brand, design a website, or craft a new digital experience, tell us a little more about your project and we’d be happy to see if our team is the right fit.