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From busy marketing managers to determined business owners, we want to provide useful tips to help you maximize your website’s potential.

What to Expect

First, our team will evaluate your site and provide you with valuable insights.

This evaluation offers actionable insights related to 4 pillars of a really effective website; the performance, the look & feel, the overall site and content structure, and how well it addresses some best practices for conversions. Our goal is to identify strengths and weaknesses and offer strategic recommendations that can provide you with a starting point to improve your website.

Gain an understanding of how users and ranking are impacted by your site performance.

We look at site metrics that Google considers when evaluating how well your site performs related to user experience. The results encapsulate the efficiency of your website’s loading processes and we’ll let you know why it matters and what you can do to improve.

Learn how to better appeal to users by enhancing your website’s overall aesthetic.

We’ll review design elements, color choices, and overall aesthetics to provide practical recommendations. You’ll gain insight into how you can enhance your website’s visual appeal and create a more engaging user experience. Our recommendations help to ensure that your site not only looks great but also effectively represents your brand before users even read your content.

Discover insights on how to organize content for increased user engagement.

Well-organized information is fundamental for an optimal user experience and increased engagement. We’ll dive into your website’s content and overall structure to provide insights into organization, hierarchy, and navigation. We’ll help you identify potential improvements and provide strategic recommendations to optimize your site’s performance and engagement.

Get actionable strategies with tangible results to optimize your conversions.

We’ll analyze user journeys, and provide straightforward strategies for improving your conversion rates. We’ll give you practical insights that you can implement immediately to improve user engagement and drive more conversions. No fluff, just actionable steps to make your website work harder for your business.

Second, we'll review the evaluation together and answer any questions. It's that simple.

We understand the important role your website can play for your organization and we’re happy to get the conversation started that turns into growth in 2024. So, what’s next? Following a quick 30 min discussion of the audit with you, we aim to transform the insights gained from this audit and that discussion into the course, cost, and cadence proposal if you see fit.